Neuro Rocking Release Therapy CPD Training 

NRRT is a form of gentle, clothed-up bodywork consisting in bilateral brain stimulation for parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) activation and reset of the central nervous system (CNS) and it is inspired by years of clinical practice and direct observation, modern neuroscience and ancient Japanese and Indian techniques.

NRRT has a profound effect on patients struggling with high levels of stress, PTSD, chronic pain, emotional deregulation, sleep disorders and any disorders stemming from or made worse by a sympathetic nervous system overload (fight/flight/freeze).

No special equipment required nor oils, needles, couch roll or any overheads at all. Just your hands, your knowledge, your will to help and a flat surface.

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Course Description

This is a practical, 1-day, CPD certified, hands-on training in which you will learn:

- A deeper but not-too-heavy insight into the vagus nerve and the amygdala’s anatomy and functions, how they relate to trauma and how rocking subdues the trigger response.
- How to incorporate auricular acupuncture, especially the part of the ear innervated by the vagus nerve, in a NRRT session (only available when teaching fully qualified acupuncturists).

- Indian head towelling techniques to release cervical spine tension and sooth the vagus nerve.
- How to sooth “difficult” patients engaged in The 3 F’s: fight/flight/freeze. Patients who might resist healing find this technique adequate because it demands nothing from them. It is a clothed-up bodywork modality which suits people with trauma related to touch, sexuality and body image.
- How to prepare a patient to being receptive to receiving any type of therapy modality.
- The profound effects of rocking in humans. Humans are wired to respond to rocking!
- Closely supervised practice in a supportive environment.
- A very simple and yet highly effective trick to sooth the vagus nerve and the entire CNS you can teach your patients. A lot of what we do as health practitioners is about educating our patients and giving them the empowerment to take responsibility of their wellbeing in their own time.
- Positioning of the receiver/patient on the massage table in a way that they feel held and safe.
- How to use the technique on yourself for your own emotional regulation.
- Practical exercises to explore the give-receive dynamic and the “Mother Nurturer” dynamic.
- At the end of the training, you will be encouraged to run your own short clinical case study so that you can integrate the new knowledge as well as gathering testimonials which are key for promoting your new skills. Details and guidance will be given on the day.



Patients' Testimonials

“For the first time in two years the pain in my left shoulder went completely!! Which in itself helped me feel happier!”. Emotional-related chronic shoulder pain gone after the first session!


“The parts I enjoyed the most were, after the leg rocking is complete, there’s a like a rush that spreads from my toes all the way up my body. Is a really calming and pleasant wave-like feeling and feels like all my anxiety and negative thoughts just washes out of my body. I also enjoyed the pressure applied to my spine when I exhaled, again it felt like anxiety and negativity were literally being pushed out of my body. Finally I enjoyed the sounds at the end which were meant to align both the left and right brain, that was also a very pleasant, centring and calming experience”.


“My first session was quite short but even after just 20 minutes of NRRT, I felt lighter in myself. That weekend, I slept through every night and fell asleep within 10 minutes of getting into bed!”


“Every day in between my sessions I would use a trick Ana taught me and it really helped me manage my symptoms, it gave me the same warm feeling throughout my body as I felt when Ana was doing the NRRT. I saw my mood and anxieties lift, almost as if the things that overwhelmed me before suddenly felt more manageable. Interestingly, now it’s been a few weeks since I saw Ana last, after three sessions and I still use her trick when I can feel the old anxieties creeping back in.”


“Social and general anxiety felt less at the forefront and more manageable, less anxious thoughts and easier to handle anxious situations. I avoided social situations less and it has been easier to stick with exercise and healthy eating and habits.”


“My concentration felt like it had improved, reading/listening/ watching things that normally wouldn’t inspire interest and focus for me were a lot easier to engage with and maintain focus even though they were still relatively “boring” for me. Usually, my brain would switch off after a few seconds or I’d start to fidget or my thoughts would wander.”


“Nightmares still remained however they weren’t as scary/upsetting.”



**** The above patients had several seemingly unrelated symptoms which, through regulation of the nervous system via the NRRT, disappeared or significantly reduced from the first session ****



What to bring?
Wear comfortable clothing and bring a hand towel and two flannels.

Who can attend?
Open to therapists of any disciplines including talk therapists who would like to integrate bodywork and make their practice more whole-istic.

If you are interested in becoming a certified nrrt, get in touch!