My Philosophy

A happy body is a happy mind and vice versa. Good therapies, good food, good thoughts, movement and laughter are key to maintaining a balanced health which allows us to build a satisfactory lifestyle.


It feels sacred to me being responsible for the transformations my clients go through after the treatments because I am a results driven therapist and I genuinely care for your recovery. It is a truly rewarding job which I consider to be an art, the art of healing.


Ana Guerrero


* BSc Hons in Acupuncture by the Northern College of Acupuncture, York 2016 - 2020. 

  • Consultation and diagnostic skills including pulse taking and tongue analysis 

  • Acupuncture

  • Cupping

  • Gua Sha

  • Dietary and lifestyle advice

  • Research and its relevance


* Specialized Technician in Manual Therapies for sports injuries by Quirosoma Academy, Valencia, Spain, 2005 - 2006. 

  • Exploration and Diagnosis 

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Passive and active stretch techniques

  • Myofascial release

  • Neuromuscular technique - trigger point therapy

  • Muscle energy technique

  • Soft tissue release

  • Thermo and cryotherapy (heat/cold therapy)

  • Cyriax technique

  • Cupping therapy


* Sensitive Gestalt Massage® by Miguel Angel Bertran's Philosomatics® School in Valencia, Spain, 2006-2008. 

The Sensitive Gestalt Massage® is one of the disciplines of Philosomatics®, which is Corporal Counselling. This course brought into my life a fantastic opportunity for trans-personal growth, a deeper sense of fulfillment and integrity within my individual nature and enhanced the sense of connection with everything that is and the wider universe. The training included:

  • Meditation was a regular practice. This is when my meditation journey started!

  • Study of Gestalt psychology/philosophy

  • Meditative massage on the Hammock (Valencia, Spain)

  • Tansu: meditative mat work (Spain)

  • Watsu: meditative massage in the water using Shiatsu techniques (at El Moira, Locarno, Switzerland)

  • Self-Experience week retreats (El Moira, Locarno, Switzerland)

  • Gestalt Pregnancy Massage


* Hot/Cold Stone Massage Therapy by Amethyst Holistic Training in York, 2013

* Spinal Mobilisation and manipulation Master-Class with John Gibbons, Oxford, February 2016

* Indian Head Massage by Gateway Workshops, March 2016

* Thai Foot Massage by Face the World, March 2017


* human dissection; exploring fascia, November 2020 with Julian Baker at Functional Anatomy.

* Trauma, the Brain and Recovery. November 2020 with National Council Society in partnership with Mind-body Breakthrough.


Other trainings: Health & Social Care Diploma Level 2, First Aid, Health & Safety, COSHH, COVID-19 safety and other self-taught disciplines such as meditation, spirituality, life coaching and NLP. 

At the present time, I continue to self-actualise and learn. I am deepening my knowledge in Chinese medicine and acupuncture and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Psychology, spirituality and anything to do with the human experience has always been of great interest to me from an early age. One can never stop learning and exploring; life is so expansive and abundant!


My aim is to keep growing and expanding as a human and a healer and keep making a difference to people's lives. This is why in October 2018 I launched the YCTW, York Community Therapy & Wellbeing CIC (community interest company) which aimed to make private therapy more accessible to the disadvantaged. Unfortunately in April 2019 I had to dissolve it due to having too much on my plate. BUT, out of such wonderful initiative, the Healing for the Homeless project became a reality. Once a month I offer my therapy services at the Peasholme Hostel in York, partly funded by the generous City of York Council and partly on a volunteer basis.  I enjoy giving back if and when I can as I feel fortunate and grateful in myself.

What do I enjoy the most in my me-time? Walks in nature, wing chun (one of the disciplines of kung fu), massage, hanging out with friends, meditating, music, drawing/painting. Oh and there is always room for a laugh!


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