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cpd bodywork courses for professionals

I offer continued professional development (CPD) courses for professionals of the field that want to deepen or refresh their knowledge. They are available on demand, meaning that as soon as we have a minimum of 4 students signed up, we can run a course. For more information get in touch.

Neuro-Rocking Release Therapy (NRRT) ®

This technique is very simple and yet its benefits are profound. It allows your patient/client to come down from the sympathetic nervous system overload or fight/flight/freeze response, and enter a more natural and relaxed state of being which helps the relationship with themselves and others.

It helps realigning the spine too, in a very gentle way!

As babies, most of us have been tenderly rocked in our mum's arms. We felt a deep sense of safety and connection. We can help our clients/patients feel confident and stress-free while releasing tension in the joints.

This course literally rocks! 

More to come!

Shoulder Injuries

In this course we will test and diagnose shoulder injuries with accuracy and learn techniques to target the specific injuries.

Unlike the knee let's say, the shoulder is a very mobile joint because it performs a wide range of motion: external and internal rotation and adduction and abduction in all directions.

We will look into RSI, tendonitis, bursitis, RC injuries, frozen shoulder and more and ways to heal them.

More to come!

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