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Energy Readings


Illustration by Brittany England

This is an inspirational, insightful and creative way to get YOU to find the solutions you are looking for. The way I use Tarot is backed up by science, mainly psychology. Following the 12 archetypes of Carl Jung, applied medical neuro-linguistic science and intuition, we can work together to dig deep into your unique well of knowledge; I am only a companion and someone who provides with the safe space and tools to make that happen but you are the one that deep down knows what the next step is. We just have to bring into light what is hidden in your shadow and what you may not be willing to accept initially but which will liberate you once you do acknowledge it.


See, the "shadow self" is not necessarily "bad stuff"; in many cases it is really good stuff you are afraid to admitting to yourself because once you do, you may have to make some important changes in your life which may involve certain sacrifices. Knowledge is responsibility (response-ability). The shadow is all that which we do not want to accept, it could even be our love for someone who does not love us back. In such instance, you may learn to repress your emotions because who enjoys unrequited love? But hear this, once you accept your emotions and work through them, they no longer control you and you can more on from a place of inner peace and into better experiences for yourself. By accepting what is and releasing any intentions of controlling people and circumstances around you, when you CHOOSE to focus on the allowing kind of love (not the gripping kind of love), forgiveness and compassion, as opposed to resentment, bitterness, un-love, anger... you free yourself. This is just one example of what is in store with my energy readings!

Allow me to guide you through this wonderful self-discovery journey

into healing and a deeper sense of wellbeing.


Tarot only     -   45 minutes - £35

Deeper exploration - 1 hour - £55

Looking into the lessons (in person if you are local) - 90 minutes - £120

These are done live and online.


Illustration by Prisma Visions Tarot


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