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Bespoke Massage

I offer different types of therapeutic massage, from sports massage to indulging, bombastic two-hour sessions. If you are unsure which massage would best fit your requirements please drop me a message to find out more.

Acupuncture and massage combo available at £60 an hour.


10% discount:


healthcare assistants

*** The consultation is included in the appointment time, which is why booking a 45-minute session as a first time is not recommended, especially if it's is a complex case.


Specialised Sports Massage

Thorough and results-driven. Combining different techniques such as CUPPING, myofascial release, neuromuscular technique, muscle energy technique, soft tissue release, gua sha and magnet therapy...

This can also be combined with an Acupuncture session. The consultation will allow me to recommend the best treatment for your needs.

45 minutes - £45

1 hour - £60


Specialised Pregnancy Massage (full body)

Allow me to support your pregnancy either for pain relief, stress relief or indulgence.

This is a nurture-the-nurturer kind of massage. It includes sedating rocking techniques, it is a full-body massage and appropriate supports are placed for your comfort.

1 hour - £60

90 minutes - £90


Integrative Massage

(full body)

This is my signature massage.

It combines Gestalt psycho-body-work techniques and it is aimed to help you unwind and reduce the sympathetic nervous system overload so you can feel at ease and integrated within your own body, mind and spirit. Pure bliss!

60 minutes - £60

75 minutes - £75

90 minutes - £90


Hot Stone Massage
(full body)
* Not available in the hot summer days

Hot stone massage is used to relieve certain health problems such as arthritis and it is also one of the most indulging types of massage. It is as comforting as having a hot bath. Head massage included.

1 hour - £65

90 minutes - £90


The Guru of Relaxation

(full body)

The ultimate indulging experience!

A top-to-toe massage, including dry brush, hot stones, Indian head massage and Thai foot massage. Simply a bombastic session which will have you melting.

2 hours - £135


Indian Head Massage

Received seated unless added to another massage. The IHM is an ancient technique focused on the face, scalp, shoulders and neck, including a variety of key acupressure points. Done with warm coconut oil on the scalp. The perfect end to a busy week!

45 minutes - £45


Tui Na - Chinese Medical Massage

This treatment is offered by Pavel. It is received clothed up and works on unblocking the body's meridians to help the body heal and prevent  body dysfunction. Pavel is also a Yoga practitioner. Find out more about Pavel here for Yoga and here for Tui Na.

Initial appointment of 90 minutes - £75

Follow-up appointments 1Hr - £60

Massage in York

Neuro Rocking Release Therapy® NRRT

NRRT is a form of gentle body work consisting in bilateral movement stimulation for brain and 
parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) activation which resets the central nervous system (CNS). Inspired on years of clinical experience, neuroscience and ancient Japanese and Indian techniques.


1 hour - £60


Reflexology Therapy

This treatment is kindly offered by Pavel.

We have a micro-map of the whole body in our feet. By stimulating specific points, health can be restored.

If you love your feet being done, look no further!

Know more about Pavel here.

Initial appointment of 90 minutes - £75

Follow-up appointments 1Hr - £60


Full Body Dry Brushing £10

Hot Stones on the back and neck £10

30-minute Indian Head Massage £25

30-minute Thai Foot Massage £25

The Wellbeing Plans

These great plans give you a 10% discount on your regular sessions.

Sign up today for the 3-month minimum period.

This personally tailored luxurious package includes all the goodies and is the most complete therapy you can find. It is holistic, targeted, remedial, results-driven and done with care. 
  • Body Massage tailored to your needs - deep and thorough sports massage OR soothing and indulging.
  • Neuro Rocking Release Technique® - realigns the spine, reduces the sympathetic nervous system overload (fight/flight). Very popular. Profound health benefits.
  • Hot Stone work on the back and neck to melt the tension away.
  • Cupping massage if necessary.
  • Bamboo massage can be added at no extra cost.
  • Acupuncture to help you with pain and also with more internal issues such as poor sleep, poor digestion, stress and anxiety, migraines, irregular periods...
  • 3 x FREE 30-minute emergency acupuncture sessions a year. Transferable to family members.
  • Priority when booking.
2 x 90-minute Diamond Treatment at £180/month

The Integrative Massage is a mind-body-soul experience to help you reduce stress and keep muscle tension away.

  • x FREE 30-minute emergency acupuncture sessions a year. Transferable to family members.

  • The option to add the Hot Stone work on the back at half price!

  • Priority when booking.

2 x 75-minute session at £135/month 

2 x 90-minute session at £162/month 




Sports Massage is for sports people in need of therapy to perform better, prevent/heal injuries, pre/post sports events. Said this, it is also extremely valuable for anyone who carries a RSI (repetitive strain injury) from work too, such as the forwarded head posture from sitting on a desk.

  • x FREE 30-minute emergency acupuncture sessions a year. Transferable to family members.

  • The option to add the Hot Stone work on the back at half price!

  • Priority when booking.

2 x 60-minute session at £108/month




This plan is to help you have a happier pregnancy! The Pregnancy Massage is a specialised massage which works on preventing the accumulation of fluids, relaxing the muscles and joints and your mind. Some beneficial Me-Time! 

  • The option to add the Hot Stone work on the back at half price!

  • Priority when booking.

2 x 60-minute session at £108/month 

2 x 90-minute session at £162/month 

Terms & Conditions of the Wellbeing Plans

Cancellation Terms & Conditions apply.

The Plans work with a standing order period of 3 to 6 months, which you can keep renewing at no extra cost.

It's easy: book an initial session (if you are a new client) so I can assess your particular needs and we can discuss which plan is the most appropriate for you.

The monthly payments should be made within the 1st 5 days of each month.

When you sign up to any of the above Plans but fail to complete the minimum term of 3 months, full price will be charged for the previously used sessions. For example, let's say that you sign up for the Sports & Maintenance Plan at £108 a month but decide to cancel it a month early; £24 (£6 for each of the sessions used) plus a £15 admin fee would then become payable and will need to be settled within two weeks and before you can book any further appointments.. This is to avoid misuse of the kind discount.

Contraindications of massage
Please refrain from booking a massage if you have any of the following:

- Virus, fever, infection. Contagious conditions, when massaged, can and will cause the virus, fever or infection to spread throughout the body.
- Skin disease, when in crisis, such as eczema and psoriasis.
- Please cover cuts with a plaster prior to your appointment.
- Abrasion, sunburn.
- Uncontrolled high/low blood pressure.
- Tumour. Speak to your doctor first.
- First 3 months of pregnancy as the foetus is not 100% settled in the womb. 
- Kidney/bladder stones: massage can make the stones travel around the bloodstream and they can get stuck in a vessel causing a clot that can turn into an embolism which affects the tissues that won't receive any more blood supply.
- Risk of thrombus/clotting disorder: very similar to an embolism but in this case the blood clot is created at the site of origin.
- Severe osteoporosis: this a progressive bone disease characterized by a decrease in bone mass and density which affects mostly women as menopause is often times a trigger. It can lead to an increased risk of fracture. Regular massage may cause further deterioration. One massage now and then will not cause harm though!
- Uncontrolled diabetes.

- Uncontrolled heart conditions.

Anyone who doubts of a condition should consult her/his doctor before receiving massage. It is recommended that the person who receives the massage shouldn't drive, operate machinery or drink straight after.

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