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My Recommendations

High Quality Food Supplements - Pharma Nord USE CODE ANAG10 for a 10% discount!

These are the highest absorption food supplements I have found in the market and each capsule and tablet is 100% active, meaning that you get what you bargain for as opposed to UK "regulated" supplements which might contain a 20% of the active component and everything else are either fillers or stabilisers and other chemicals. Because they are produced in Denmark, the entire Pharma Nord range is manufactured to high standards of efficacy and produced in accordance to Danish legislation, under the auspices of the Danish health authorities.


Personal trainer - Stefan McGuigan at SLM Health & Fitness


Dru Yoga - Helen Brydon at Dru Nature Yoga


Gestalt Psychotherapy and Kundalini Yoga - Nam Prakash

Tui Na massage and Kundalini Yoga - Pavel Langer and

Physiotherapy - Emma L McCabe

Reiki - Irene Forsyth

Reiki - Rachel McBride

Eco-print fabrics and clothes - Dusty Fingers

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