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Welcome to the nrrt directory

The listed practitioners have completed the full Neuro Rocking Release Therapy training with success and have been taught by Ana Guerrero, creator and developer of the NRRT.

You can contact them directly to book NRRT sessions near you. We are in the process of training more practitioners across the UK and so far, York, Manchester and Sheffield are covered and the list keeps growing so come back now and then to see who practices it in your area!

Dan Round - York

"I trained as a psychotherapist and I am really interested in the relationship the body has with the mind. My treatments are based on this non-separation to get longer lasting benefits"


Katy Raymond - York

"NRRT has been a great tool in my own mission to reconnect with my body and release long-held tension. I am excited to share its benefits with others."


Ana Guerrero - York

 (creator of the NRRT)

"The mind, the emotions, the body, the language we use, social factors, religion/spirituality... All these dimensions of the human experience have a crucial influence on how we experience pain (emotional and/or physical), dis-ease, how they manifest in our daily lives, how we sustain them, how we perceive them and how we can shift them into healing. My clinical practice is based in (w)holism to get achievable, realistic and long-lasting benefits."


Charlotte Jackson - Chester

Charlotte covers Cheshire and North Wales.


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