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Stretch Classes


Are you stiff and feel that you have lost range of motion of certain joints? 

Do you feel that long periods of sitting seize up your muscles?

Do you struggle with certain tasks such as putting your shoes on?


I offer 1-2-1 targeted stretch sessions to suit your individual needs. These may include foam-rolling work prior to stretching in order to warm up the tissues. I offer these both in person and online and a minimum of one session a week is recommended but you will get better results if you do a bit on your own time between sessions.


  • Deep Hip Unlock class - highly recommend it to anyone! Specially to people who work on a desk all day. 

  • Upper back and neck stretch class - particularly good for desk workers but anyone can benefit.

Normally, I would have seen you for either massage or acupuncture before recommending these because doing some body-work on you first will allows me to know exactly what you need and tailor the session to your needs.


1 hour - £45

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