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Tantra and Tao Inspired Massage

Allow yourself to feel into your sacred sensuality and release body shame and the feelings of guilt and sin women have been carrying in their subconscious throughout the centuries due to certain religions, indoctrination and social programming.

This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of session. The therapist is fully present and attentive to your needs. The therapist works from a place of groundedness, compassion and openness, offering a safe space and containment to your experience as a receiver.

As the receiver, you are encouraged to remain present in the moment and accept yourself and whatever comes up without judgement. The different techniques are designed to get you to ease into deeper relaxation and experience the joy of a fully conscious, therapeutic touch.

Different techniques are used to awaken your senses, from delicious aromas to sound and different massage technique speeds and contrast of temperature placed on your skin. A true festival for the senses!



  • This is not a tantric massage but one inspired in the philosophies and teachings of Tantra and Tao.

  • Everything but the genital area is massaged.

  • It is best received naked if you are comfortable with it; otherwise we can build up to it which is in itself a liberating process.

  • This session is only being offered to ladies at the moment.

What's included in the session?
  1. We will start with a short medical form and consultation (if it is your first time with me) where you will tell me what your goals regarding the session are and how I can best accompany your experience.

  2. We will do a short meditation together to get you to ease into your own body and heart's energy, to help you open up and soften up to the receiver and receptive mode with no expectations.

  3. Full body massage. Everything apart from the genitals is massaged.

  4. Closure of the session.

Some of the health benefits

  • Make friends with your sexual and sensual energies

  • Rejoice in your feminine vulnerability

  • Stress relieving

  • Eases pain and bodily discomfort

  • Assists drainage of excess fluid and biochemical debris

  • Softens up emotional blockages trapped in the body (which can develop into disease if sustained long-term if not addressed)

  • Encourages you to enter a softer and more feminine sense of being, more receptive

  • Assists in spiritual growth and awakening

  • Better night sleeps



From beginning to end, this is a 90-minute ritual/ceremony. The investment is £111

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