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Neck stretches for desk workers - Kyphosis (Part 1)


In this video I show a few neck stretches specific for desk workers. These stretches help ease off the discomfort of the kyphotic posture. The video got cut towards the end; make sure to check out Part 2 where I demonstrate the stretches for the pectoral muscles!

Neck stretches for desk workers - Kyphosis (Part 2)


This video got cut as I was filming! Anyway, here is the 2nd part which includes the stretches of the pectoral muscles.

Closing a beautiful cycle and starting a new, exciting adventure!


Bye bye Solaris Therapeutic Massage; hello Ana Guerrero's Holistic Wellbeing!

Neck stretches for desk workers - Bye bye smartphone, hello old Nokia!


In this video I talk about some changes I made in order to feel more grounded, lighter, awake, improve my attention span, eye sight, neck posture and much more... And how this reflects on the business communications. Basically, the best way to reach me is via text message, phone call or email, in that order. Not via Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media platforms. 

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